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Hello & welcome to the club 🌞 it’s great to have you here! Before you get started with my training, I ask that you please read this page first for instructions on how to get your login details & answers to common questions. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

How Do I Login & Get Access To The Ecomm Clubhouse?

If you are a new member & have not registered with us before, for security reasons, we need to email out the login details to each member. Within the next 10-15 minutes, you will receive an email that will contain your login info:

  • Your username & password.
  • Important links & information.

Once you have received this, you can then login at our members area,

If you are a pre-existing member & you resigned up, your account should have restarted & you should be able to login with your old username/password. If for some reason it didn’t, please email us ASAP.

I Haven’t Received My Welcome Email: What Now?

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Check ALL Email Folders

With emails there is always a possibility it may end up in the promotions/updates/spam folder. Please check ALL folders.

The title of the email should be this: “Congratulations! You have successfully registered to The Ecomm Clubhouse!” – please do a search for it.

Step 2: Check ALL Secondary Email Accounts

The most common reason members don’t receive it is that they didn’t sign up with their “usual” or “primary” email address & forgot that they used a secondary email. We can only send emails to the email address given to us on file, so please check ALL of your email accounts πŸ™πŸ»

Step 3: Email The Ecomm Clubhouse Directly

Still can’t find your email? Outside of using a secondary email, the next most common reason members don’t receive the welcome letter is they made a typo & spelt their emails wrong. If you did this, your email will unfortunately have been sent to the phantom typo email! Luckily, our support team can email your login details directly to you.

Please immediately email and do NOT email a Wholesale Ted email such as, or reply to a Wholesale Ted newsletter. Only email our dedicated email for the club, 🌞 we purposefully have a basic gmail to ensure near perfect email deliver-ability so we can make sure we don’t miss your email.

Our support teams for both are separate & due to the high volume Wholesale Ted emails get, your email will take several days to be read, but we usually check The Ecomm Clubhouse’s email multiple times a day Monday-Friday (New Zealand time). We can’t guarantee to answer emails faster than 1-2 business days, but we usually do 🌞

I understand you have placed a lot of trust in me and that if you don’t get your login details immediately, it can be distressing. Please email us ASAP if you don’t get them. We regularly check emails between 9am-5pm New Zealand time during business hours, but sadly not when we are sleeping or when the team is spending time with their families 🌞 for more info, please read our Contact Page. Thank you!

Please Read Our Cancellation & Refund Policy

Every member is entitled to cancel at anytime, and you are always entitled to a 7-day refund (so if you forget to cancel, please don’t commit chargeback fraud & do a chargeback, we will be forced to submit evidence it isn’t true & you won’t get your money back!). Here are our policies & instructions:

  • Click here to read how to cancel (please follow the Stripe cancellation instructions as that is how you paid).Β 
  • Click here for the refund policy.

I Have Another Question, How Do I Get Help?

Please send an email to & do not email a Wholesale Ted email or reply to a Wholesale Ted email newsletter 🌞 we purposefully have a basic gmail to ensure near perfect email deliver-ability so we can receive your questions & help you sooner. 

Thank you & welcome to the club! 🌞